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One working day –
3,036 smiles

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Bringing smiles to faces – hard to do, but easy to calculate.

In Germany alone, there are more than 8,100 people working for the brands with the TUI smile, and each year they send some eight million people on holiday. With an average of 253 working days per employee, that works out to 3.88 customers per employee each working day. So far, so good.

But how often do holidaymakers actually smile? Adults smile approximately 20 times a day, while children smile as many as 500 times a day. And during the best time of the year, people are in an even better mood, something that has also been confirmed by smile researchers: in emotionally stimulating situations, such as being on holiday, these values increase markedly.

So now we are ready to calculate the bottom line for a working day: each TUI employee brings a smile to 3,036 faces. When will it be your turn to bring more smiles into the world? Find out more about the exciting job opportunities at TUI.

3.88 customers per day x 73 smiles x the “Smile” holiday factor
= 3,036 smiles

Find out how our employees are able to bring smiles to the faces of holidaymakers every day and learn more about what makes a job at TUI so special.

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