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Your application documents

In order for an application to be complete, we require you to submit the following: a cover letter, CV, references and any certificates you might have so that we can obtain a good overview of who you are straight away.

Cover letter

How did you find out about our vacancy? What have you done to date? Why are you interested in TUI and in this position? These are the questions that your cover letter should answer. Let us know about your strengths and qualifications, and tell us why you are the right person for the job.


Make sure that your CV is clearly structured and easy to understand. Provide a chronological list of your career to date, along with a brief description of your key activities and skills in each position. By the way, we do not believe that gaps in your CV are necessarily a bad thing, so please make sure to include the times when you were not working.


Please include your qualifications and references from past employers, as well as any other references and certificates that may be advantageous for the position being sought.