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Practical experience for students

People who start gaining practical experience early on have a clear advantage when starting work. The dynamic environment of the TUI Group offers the opportunity to take on responsibility at an early date and become involved in all manner of assignments.

Regardless of whether you are pursuing a commercial, tourism or technical degree, are looking for a compulsory internship, practical semester, practical dissertation or a work-study position – we look forward to meeting you.


As an intern, you will be involved directly in our daily business or current projects, and we try to take your personal interests and skills into account wherever possible. An internship at TUI should last for at least twelve weeks. The longer you spend with us, the better we will be able to integrate you into our processes, allowing you to learn more and increase the size of your personal network.

Internships abroad

If you are interested in an internship abroad, please submit your applications directly to our colleagues on location. A prior internship in Germany is not necessary.

Does this sound like an opportunity for you? If so, please consult the career websites of the international TUI Group companies for more information.

Part-time student positions / work-study positions

If you take a part-time student position, you will be able to get involved in our daily business or with longer-term projects while pursuing your studies. We agree on a fixed number of hours per month or per week during which you will provide us with your support. We encourage people with disabilities to submit their applications to us.


Would you like to complete your university dissertation with us as part of your internship? If so, submit a proposal for your topic along with your application – we will see if it is possible to combine it with any of our current themes. If you wish to complete a traineeship thesis, you should plan on spending at least three months with us, as you will also be getting to know our daily business during your time here.


for questions regarding internships and dissertations Rüdiger von Wick