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Personal development

New goals expand horizons, instil confidence and help people get ahead. That is why we offer our employees numerous opportunities to advance their professional development, with a wide range of seminars and talent management activities.

The extensive TUI seminar programme

TUI offers a wide variety of seminars and training courses in order to help its staff achieve greater creativity, expertise, responsibility and performance. We offer practical and results-based seminars and training in which our employees are given the opportunity to expand their range of professional expertise and key competencies, learn special working methods and refine their social expertise in order to establish the basis for successful collaboration and leadership.

Project management, scrum and agile trainings, foreign languages and intercultural trainings are but a few of the areas we cover. TUI also offers part-time occupational training courses that result in a qualification from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

Besides on-site training courses our e-learning platform makes learning languages or MS-Office programs, amongst others, flexible in location and time. Our people can log-in everywhere anytime to retrieve their online courses or to participate in webinars.

Talent Management

As well as a range of local development opportunities which meet the specific needs of our individual businesses, we also have initiatives which address the overall strategy of TUI - developing global leaders for today and tomorrow.

All of our global programmes give participants the confidence to aim for new and broader opportunities and improve their personal profile within the wider TUI organisation.



Perspectives is a programme for high potential, emerging leaders. Participants develop an understanding of the overall TUI business, the challenges it faces and the role of a future leader in growing the business and our people.

Participants have the opportunity to network internationally with their colleagues, have greater understanding of the current business context and future strategy, the importance of the customer, and how to lead for success in a digital age.

They also make a significant contribution to business performance through the completion of an innovation project leading to a specific improvement in their own area of the business.



Horizons is a programme for high potential senior leaders who are ready for more senior, business critical roles.

Participants leave the programme understanding how to lead change, knowing how global customer behaviour and digital transformation are changing the way businesses need to think and what this means for TUI in terms of the increasing need for innovation.

They will be able to apply strategic thinking, creating and managing high performing, cross-functional, global teams, and sustain global networks; manage and know how to build personal resilience.

The overall end result is improved leadership skills, an excellent understanding of our business and an ability to initiate change at the highest level.


Global High Performance Leadership

Global High Performance Leadership is an executive education programme designed and delivered in partnership with IMD business school in Lausanne, Switzerland. The aim of the programme is to provide our most senior leaders with an external perspective, increase collaboration and focus on key business issues.

The programme operates as an innovation lab environment in which business ideas are generated and new products and services eventually launched.

Current TUI business challenges have been successfully worked on which has resulted in improved business performance, thanks in part to the collaboration and learning emanating from this programme.

The end result is participants focus on developing both leadership and business skills at the highest level, and apply them to the business and world in which they operate.