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Why Hanover means the world to us

OK, we admit it: Hanover is not as cool as New York or as romantic as Paris. But – at least as our employees see it – it is definitely underrated.

Hanover – the heart and head of TUI
Hanover is home to the headquarters of Europe’s largest tourism group. It is from here that TUI Deutschland, the largest of the Group’s national companies, is managed – and the entire World of TUI. It is also here that we look after everyday business while developing ideas for the future. To do this, we need not only tourism experts but also business administration and IT professionals.

There is a lot to discover here in the “green city” …
As well as the half-timbered houses in the old part of the city, there is the opera, theatres and shopping streets – not to mention Hanover’s excellent reputation for museums. Perhaps most importantly of all, Hanover is Germany’s greenest city. Measuring 650 hectares, the “Eilenriede” city forest is almost twice the size of New York’s Central Park. As well as this, the “Maschsee” lake is located right in the city centre, 2.5 kilometres in length. Walking, jogging, skating, cycling, sailing and swimming right in the heart of a major city? Not a problem in Hanover. As well as this, Hanover was recently singled out as Germany’s nature conservation capital.

Hanover boasts several higher education institutes, a thriving art and culture scene and a wide range of bars, restaurants and vibrant nightlife.

As the vast majority of TUI employees will readily agree, Hanover – home to just over 520,000 inhabitants – is the perfect size for a city. Although Hanover has all the advantages of a major city – including its own airport and sports clubs in national divisions – it is still a comfortable size and the cost of living is relatively low compared with other large cities.

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